Our Vision

Thinking new ideas alongwith with analysis is the basis of what we call, ‘innovation’. But if, what you can build is limited by the resources available to you as a person or an institution, then that’s really sabotaging the overall creative process.

Imagine, if all you had to worry about was critical analysis and rest of the product development cycle could take place on autopilot. What if you could outsource or ‘vendorize’ everything, from cad designers, material providers to manufacturers. A place where all the competent service providers compete for 'fabricating' your ideas/designs. That’s what we are doing here.

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The Team


Swayam Vohra

Mr. Vohra a.k.a 'The Gambler' is pretty good with numbers and marketing strategies. But despite that his 'Human' side prevails more often and he plans to turn to philanthropy as soon as we become profitable.


Amulya Tomer

This guy is the 'nerd' of the core team. He loves learning new things, apparent from his pic holding a guitar which has nothing to do with web development or other IT related tasks he handles.


Pranav Sharma

Pranav is the quintessential pillar of our core team. He understands manufacturing technology and how it can evolve to keep up with the digital revolution we are witnessing. His greatest asset is consistency.

Design refinements that matter.

The designs you send us might not be perfect. So, we suggest some changes in designs that may improve quality and reduce production costs.


Quality. Monitored by us.

No part received from manufacturers shall be passed on to you until we are fully assured of its production quality. We make sure the dimensions and surface finish are strictly as specified by you.

Machine tools

"Quotes" from multiple manufacturers.

A growing number of service providers compete for your order. Helps us keep, costs low and quality high.